Bloomingville MINI

Welcome into a cozy and playful universe

Bloomingville MINI is for the little ones in the family – a PLAYFUL collection of AESTHETIC interior and toys in a TIMELESS design. Colors and patterns are characteristic of the collection, just as cute illustrations provide the COZY expression which we love to fit into a NORDIC decor.

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Simplicity in shapes and colors characterizes NORDIC design. Bloomingville MINI is a Nordic brand, but by adding a playful and cozy expression to our cute designs, we fulfill the essence of Bloomingville MINI: a playful approach merging the Nordic with the cozy.


Being PLAYFUL is the essence of childhood: it's the laughter during a game, the imagination that turns a blanket into a fortress, and the curiosity that makes every day an adventure. The Bloomingville MINI universe is full of cute characters and delightful details that spark joy and imagination every day.


A COZY atmosphere is essential in the Bloomingville MINI universe. Tone-on-tone colors, soft textiles, and cute patterns define coziness and create a relaxing feeling in the children’s room – a feeling that contributes to creating memories with our loved ones.


A home in harmony appeals to the AESTHETIC in our hearts and makes our little ones feel comfortable. It's the balance between creating a cozy atmosphere and ensuring a playful environment. With soft colors and carefully chosen materials, we aim to inspire and grow creativity without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


Just as memories stay in our hearts, we strive for TIMELESS design that remains cherished over time. Imagine a toy or piece of decor passed down from one generation to the next, its charm never fading, its purpose ever relevant. These items evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth, becoming part of treasured childhood memories.


The children’s room should stimulate both play and imagination, but at the same time be a place to feel safe and to recharge. Go explore and select furniture that invites to play, coziness, and creativity.

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Come along! Explore and enjoy storage for the children's room, that can easily be used for adventures in other rooms – without compromising with the aesthetic.

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Once upon a time ... Travel to a magical world of fairytales, fun, games, and stories with enchanting interior. Create a cozy corner for children to indulge when they’re overwhelmed or just want to relax.

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Complete the magical, playful, and colorful expression with matching decor. Explore and select styles that fit the intended story of the children’s room.

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Cuddle up in soft textiles and happy colors. Mix and match textures, patterns, illustrations, and colors for a personal and playful atmosphere in the children’s room.

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Set the table for creative imagination and magical moments with the lovely, new tableware series from Bloomingville MINI.

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Inspiration for the children's room

Find easy inspiration to upgrade the aesthetics of the kids’ room without compromising the children’s wishes. Cute and cuddly go hand in hand with stylish and fashionable in Bloomingville MINI which mixes perfectly with Bloomingville styles.

Ibber Soft toy, Orange, CottonIbber Soft toy, Orange, Cotton


Ibber Soft toy, Orange, Cotton

RRP 89,90

Zep Bookcase, Nature, BambooZep Bookcase, Nature, Bamboo


Zep Bookcase, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 139,00

Ibber Soft toy, Orange, CottonIbber Soft toy, Orange, Cotton


Ibber Soft toy, Orange, Cotton

RRP 89,90

Bas Table, Brown, OakBas Table, Brown, Oak


Bas Table, Brown, Oak

RRP 369,00

Agnes Tableware Set, Orange, IronAgnes Tableware Set, Orange, Iron


Agnes Tableware Set, Orange, Iron

RRP 39,90

Jesse Tableware Set, Orange, IronJesse Tableware Set, Orange, Iron


Jesse Tableware Set, Orange, Iron

RRP 39,90


The Bloomingville MINI collections are created with these words in mind to fulfill our desire for design for the children’s room. Bloomingville MINI is designed for children and their homes.

Bloomingville MINI

Welcome into a cozy and playful universe of aesthetic home interior for the little ones in the family, designed in a timeless Nordic feel to fit into every room – come along!

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