Bloomingville - AUTUMN WINTER 2022

Feel the sun and its warmth into the home - all the way into autumn

Autumn embraces us as winter approaches and causes us to gather indoors with our loved ones. A southern French atmosphere has settled in us and makes us feel the sun and its warmth into the home - all the way into autumn.

It’s time to gather, enjoy the traditions of the season and create memories. The feeling of togetherness must be chased, captured, and carried forever in our hearts. Whether we are in our home or in the beautiful south of France, the most important thing for us is personal and cozy surroundings, allowing us to enjoy time with those we care about.


The AW22 collection presents two interior design lines, NORDIC and COZY - each with a wide range of unique styles, for the everyday designer to inspire and decorate more than ever before.


NORDIC LIVING is characterized by the rawness of nature, beautifully composed with the colors deep blue, brown, nature, and white. We clearly feel Nordic Living and at the same time the historic surroundings give us a touch of personality, which is so important for the decor and atmosphere of a home.

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COZY LIVING welcomes us inside a warm and vibrant universe. Distinctive textiles with tassels and patterns are a must for the season, just as ceramics and beautiful jars in a vintage look characterize the season in a true southern French way. An atmosphere that is enhanced when we enjoy the sight of sunflowers, lavender, and olive groves outside the windows.

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Visiting the everyday designer

Going room to room, we visit the everyday designer, who with the coming of winter, unfolds her creativity in decorating spaces anew. By redecorating and rearranging, small changes in the decor will feel significant.

Welcome into the Nordic living room

This autumn, we surround ourselves with furniture in beautifully woven textiles, as well as rugs with structure and soft patterns. Traces of branches and watercolors in beautiful harmonies complete a balanced atmosphere in the room.

Welcome into the Nordic Kitchen

The Nordic kitchen is a universe of beautiful glass and unique ceramics, completed by their different designs. Invite your loved ones to memorable moments around the table.

'The combination of nature, light surfaces, and the carefully selected designs welcome my guests'.

- The everyday designer

Welcome into the Nordic Bed- & bathroom

Quiet surroundings provide space for calm and deep thoughts. Decorate with simple designs contributing to a positive mind. Beautiful contrasts creating balance and harmony. In bright rooms and in a simple decor, dark contrasts appear extra beautiful, just as natural colors create balance and harmony.

Welcome into the Cozy living room

Autumn surrounds us with coziness and warmth, while the beautiful southern French surroundings encourage us to find time for peace and contemplation in front of the fireplace.

'My collection of stoneware reminds me that every unique design in my home means something special to me'.

- The everyday designer

Welcome into the Cozy kitchen

The hand-painted bowls and trays are a must-have for the table and perfectly match the green glasses with mouth-blown bubbles. Use a plaid as a rustic tablecloth for a more authentic look.

Welcome into the Cozy Bed- & Bathroom

Treasures and unique pieces collected during holidays are so important in a personal decor. Mix with soft textiles and rustic patters to achieve a cozy feeling.

Feel at home in a cozy setting

With notes from the south of France, we surround ourselves with more rustic and distinctive patterns and structures - woven cushions can be mixed in countless ways and invite to coziness and togetherness. Warm, spicy, and burnt colors mean so much to us in the cozy decor - the breathtaking tones and shades remind us of something safe and nice. Decorate beautiful rustic vases with bouquets of happy sunflowers or authentic muted olive branches.

Tarun Deco, Brown, StonewareTarun Deco, Brown, Stoneware


Tarun Deco, Brown, Stoneware

RRP 169,00

Ruthy Lounge Chair, Nature, TeakRuthy Lounge Chair, Nature, Teak


Ruthy Lounge Chair, Nature, Teak

RRP 719,00

Ganja Cushion, Brown, Recycled CottonGanja Cushion, Brown, Recycled Cotton


Ganja Cushion, Brown, Recycled Cotton

RRP 28,90

Sail Candlestick, Black, CeramicSail Candlestick, Black, Ceramic


Sail Candlestick, Black, Ceramic

RRP 64,90

Lior Rug, Brown, WoolLior Rug, Brown, Wool


Lior Rug, Brown, Wool

RRP 195,00

Cuma Deco Vase, Brown, TerracottaCuma Deco Vase, Brown, Terracotta


Cuma Deco Vase, Brown, Terracotta

RRP 109,00

Lynge Stool, Black, Recycled woodLynge Stool, Black, Recycled wood


Lynge Stool, Black, Recycled wood

RRP 169,00

Kaela Wall Decor, Nature, Water HyacinthKaela Wall Decor, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Kaela Wall Decor, Nature, Water Hyacinth

RRP 79,90

Barba Basket, Nature, Water HyacinthBarba Basket, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Barba Basket, Nature, Water Hyacinth

RRP 125,00

Guus Dining Chair, Nature, LeatherGuus Dining Chair, Nature, Leather


Guus Dining Chair, Nature, Leather

RRP 559,00

Olefine Table lamp, Green, StonewareOlefine Table lamp, Green, Stoneware


Olefine Table lamp, Green, Stoneware

RRP 229,00

Felex Rug, Nature, SeagrassFelex Rug, Nature, Seagrass


Felex Rug, Nature, Seagrass

RRP 399,00

Luie Dining Table, Brown, AcaciaLuie Dining Table, Brown, Acacia


Luie Dining Table, Brown, Acacia

RRP 949,00

Nano Deco, Nature, PolyresinNano Deco, Nature, Polyresin


Nano Deco, Nature, Polyresin

RRP 99,90

Tezza Vase, Grey, AluminumTezza Vase, Grey, Aluminum


Tezza Vase, Grey, Aluminum

RRP 29,90

Daraz Vase, Brown, GlassDaraz Vase, Brown, Glass


Daraz Vase, Brown, Glass

RRP 79,90

Nasru Flowerpot, Black, StonewareNasru Flowerpot, Black, Stoneware


Nasru Flowerpot, Black, Stoneware

RRP 39,90

Hui Candlestick, Black, StonewareHui Candlestick, Black, Stoneware


Hui Candlestick, Black, Stoneware

RRP 16,90

Cozy autumn

Enjoy the feeling of extending the summer by bringing the garden furniture inside. Create a sanctuary and feel the warmth of the sun enveloping you into autumn. Serve breakfast and sweet tea in a cozy setting of textures, wicker, linen, and dusty brass. A quiet morning should be a part of every day for everyone ...

'I move my garden furniture indoors through the winter. That way I protect them from the wear and tear of the weather and at the same time I get the opportunity to enjoy them on a rainy day. A win win situation, I think'.

- The everyday designer

Styling tips AUTUMN WINTER 2022

Explore the best tips from our professional stylists to shape your home in the spirit of the everyday designer with inspiration from the most fashionable trends of the season.

Decorate with design that tells a story

Inspired by the everyday designer, we become aware of surrounding ourselves with designs that mean something to us.

Make storage in the kitchen personal and atmospheric

The kitchen is for many families a central place to meet and be together. We strive for decorating the room with beautiful and usable kitchen interior, for creating an inspiring and cozy feeling.

The cozy and creative home office

Carefully chosen furniture is a must-have in the small office, where space is tight, but aesthetics a priority. By choosing smaller furniture that fits into the room, it is possible to complete the look and fulfill the functions needed. Furniture and interior with more functions are also obvious choices for the smaller office.

Personal decoration for the bedroom

The bedroom is the place for sleep and relaxation. When it comes to decorating the bedroom, some are inspired by stylish hotel rooms, others would rather decorate to achieve a feeling of warmth, coziness and atmosphere. We believe that all styles are individual and correct, however, it is important that the personality shines through and reflects the person behind the decor.

Welcome into the cozy bathroom

Let the small details create a feeling of well-being in the bathroom. Use soft textiles and refreshing scents for creating a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

Enter a playful world of colors and cute motifs

Enter a playful world of colors and cute motifs. Be inspired by a collection in dusty, pleasant colors, and delicious textures, to store throughout the home - not just in the children's room…

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Find inspiration for a balanced everyday life where you feel at home with interior design from the newest Bloomingville collection.

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