We have made it so easy for you. All you have to do is unwrap the bouquet and enjoy it! 

Each bouquet is meticulously crafted and delicately wrapped in paper, ready to infuse your space with natural elegance. Before placing them in your chosen vase, take a moment to shape the stems, enhancing the bouquet's natural allure and ensuring a perfect fit for your personal decor. Please note, vase not included.

1. The Symphony Bouquet

The Symphony Artificial Bouquet evokes a sense of harmony and softness, reminiscent of a soothing orchestral piece. It presents a delicate arrangement of floral elements in soft whites, creams, and subtle hints of greenery, weaving a visual melody that appeals to the senses. Each stem contributes to the bouquet’s overall beauty, reflecting the subtle contrasts of a symphony. Perfect for serene and reflective moments, the arrangement invites admiration of nature’s gentle elegance.

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2. The Poetry Bouquet

As if composed by a thoughtful poet, the Poetry Artificial Bouquet balances deep blues with bright greens, creating a visual representation of verses. It’s an arrangement that speaks of depth and emotion, a truly poetic expression in floral form. The Poetry Bouquet is more than a bouquet; it’s a storytelling piece, an ode to nature’s beauty in its darkest hues, designed for those who find romance in the night sky.

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3. The Whisper Bouquet

With its muted purples and greens, the Whisper Artificial Bouquet is like a secret spoken softly against the twilight sky. It’s an intimate arrangement that seems to tell a story of quiet moments and gentle beauty. Like a whisper it implies a sense of tranquility and quietness, much like the hushed atmosphere during twilight when the world seems to slow down and speak in hushed tones.

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4. The Crown Bouquet

The Crown Artificial Bouquet stands out with its vibrant purples and deep greens. The carefully chosen arrangement has an almost regal presence, reminiscent of a crown, with each flower contributing to the majestic whole. The bouquet is the perfect centerpiece for elegant gatherings and special occasions, as well as a true celebration of botanical beauty, designed to leave a lasting impression.ective moments, the arrangement invites admiration of nature’s gentle elegance.

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5. The Blush Bouquet

The Blush Bouquet is the epitome of graceful charm, presenting an artful mix
of delicate blooms in soft white and cream tones, accentuated by subtle touches of greenery. This arrangement encapsulates a serene moment captured in nature, suggesting an effortless beauty that resonates deeply with those who appreciate a raw, natural aesthetic. Its refined touch of color adds a layer of sophistication, making it a perfect celebration of both the wild and the elegantly composed aspects of nature’s palette.

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Want to be creative instead?

Create your own personalized bouquet by mixing and matching stems of your choice.

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