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Home interior to everyday designers living and loving happy changes. Share your style. Tell your story. Change your home.

Creative Collection

Authentic living making homes individual and personal. A collection of characterful styles and upcycled treasures with stories to tell.

Bloomingville MINI

A magical and playful universe of aesthetic home interior for the little ones, designed in a Nordic feel to fit into every home.

ILLUME x Bloomingville

A scent of home in every room. Evoking all senses with aromatic and balanced fragrances in a beautiful Nordic design and calm look.

Celebrate spring with the florist, Annette Holm

A warm welcome into the florist's spring sprouting garden and green house. With warmer weather upon us, Bloomingville and Creative Collection visit the florist, Annette Holm, to guide and inspire you on how to get your outdoor living areas ready for springtime enjoyment.

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Build unique furniture with Korfu

The Korfu series creates a personal expression on the terrace, in the green house, or in the garden. The series consists of modules, which can be combined in different ways to adapt to needs and spaces. The Korfu furniture series is an obvious opportunity to create a customized piece of furniture.

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About us

Driven by a fascination for Nordic style and living, Bloomingville was established in year 2000. It happened with such great passion and success, that the company became part of Regent Holding in 2014. Bloomingville was then launched in US, taking the new market by storm with a Scandinavian take on home interior designs.

Today, Bloomingville has been adopted by millions of homes as both a brand and a multi-brand house, releasing four main collections, various in-season collections and one gorgeous Christmas collection annually. The massive popularity and growth have not changed the Bloomingville mission: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers just like you. We are grateful for the first 20 years of doing so, and we hope to do so for many years to come.

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Our most popular

Bergamo Shopping Bag, Black, JuteBergamo Shopping Bag, Black, Jute


Bergamo Shopping Bag, Black, Jute

RRP 6,90

Luiss Vase, Brown, StonewareLuiss Vase, Brown, Stoneware


Luiss Vase, Brown, Stoneware

RRP 12,50

Caroll Cushion, Yellow, CottonCaroll Cushion, Yellow, Cotton


Caroll Cushion, Yellow, Cotton

RRP 75,90

Bellis Stool, Nature, Recycled woodBellis Stool, Nature, Recycled wood


Bellis Stool, Nature, Recycled wood

RRP 169,00

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