Join us in the reinvented home where there’s plenty of room for everyday living with a plethora of new styles inspired by the everyday designer – you.

Creative Collection

Personalize your home with bold interior carrying deep stories and a confident expression. Switch up the classics with new settings with strong character and charming textures.

Bloomingville MINI

Bundle up for a festive season of small wonders and big dreams, only limited by your imagination. The adorable MINI universe for children celebrates the Harvest Festival with classy colors and plenty of room for kids to play.

ILLUME x Bloomingville

Get a scent of home in every room with the new additions to the fragrant line of essential and naturally scented candles and reed diffusers.

“The collection is inspired by the everchanging home and the need we have for flexibility within comforting surroundings, where we can form personal sanctuaries and still have room to carry out our tasks.” 

Helene Fast, Creative Director

“With childish imagination at heart we bring kids and parents together with playful and stylish styles welcoming both young and old. This season’s news from Bloomingville MINI draws inspiration from autumn where the festive and exciting atmosphere of harvest meets comforting and familiar classics.”

Theresa Bligaard, Designer

“Each design theme has its own unique characteristics, but they complement each other. I often mix my favorites in each theme.”


“Illume speaks to all my senses with calming and balanced fragrances and beautiful aesthetics with dusty, subdued colors that fits the Nordic interior. “


Styling tips 

Embrace a trendy home with stunning personality in the new season with quick and inspiring styling tips from our designers, showing you just how easy it is to get the look you want. Find inspiration for your home in Bloomingville, Bloomingville MINI, Creative Collection and ILLUME x Bloomingville.


Art is for everyone - Surround yourself with sculptural beauty for everyday inspiration.

Bloomingville MINI

A long day of playing ends in a bedroom full of dreams.

Creative Collection

Indulge in mesmerizing mosaic to add a warm glow in the interior.