Cozy Christmas favorites

Welcome the Christmas season with our enchanting Christmas series that bring warmth, coziness, and festive spirit into the home. All series, with their beautiful designs, capture the essence of Christmas and bring an authentic festive ambiance to any home. Click on each product to explore the intricate details that make each design special - enjoy!


Yule is a tribute to the traditions of Christmas and the warmth that arises when we gather for meals during this special time. The series is characterized by decorative Christmas ornaments that create an inviting and festive atmosphere around the dining table. The classic red and green hues complement each other and offer a timeless expression.


Ginnie is the essence of Christmas coziness and tradition in a cozy design. With its playful shapes and warm colors, the series adds a touch of festivity to every meal, while the unique elements bring a smile to your lips. Whether it's for morning coffee or the Christmas dessert, the Ginnie series adds an extra bit of Christmas magic to the home.


The Hollie series brings a part of the nature's aesthetics into the home. With beautiful motifs of holly, fir, pinecones, and mistletoe, the series creates a beautiful and simplistic expression, bringing the Nordic look to the Christmas table setting.


Delve into the traditional Christmas motifs with the Jolly series. With fine details and a warm color palette, Jolly captures the heart of a classic Christmas. Perfect for the nostalgic Christmas enthusiast.


Step back in time with the Beth series, where nostalgia meets contemporary. With its beautiful illustrations in warm tones, the series provides a cozy retro vibe to the festively decorated home.