Imre Vase, Purple, Stoneware


Imre Vase, Purple, Stoneware

RRP 25,90

Innes Vase, Blue, StonewareInnes Vase, Blue, Stoneware


Innes Vase, Blue, Stoneware

RRP 99,90

Isold Vase, Brown, StonewareIsold Vase, Brown, Stoneware


Isold Vase, Brown, Stoneware

RRP 29,90

Ivo Deco Vase, Blue, CeramicIvo Deco Vase, Blue, Ceramic


Ivo Deco Vase, Blue, Ceramic

RRP 46,90

Iyore Vase, White, Stoneware


Iyore Vase, White, Stoneware

RRP 43,50

Jac Deco Vase, Blue, CeramicJac Deco Vase, Blue, Ceramic


Jac Deco Vase, Blue, Ceramic

RRP 62,90

Jace Deco Vase, Blue, CeramicJace Deco Vase, Blue, Ceramic


Jace Deco Vase, Blue, Ceramic

RRP 64,90

Janay Deco Vase, Brown, Paper MacheJanay Deco Vase, Brown, Paper Mache


Janay Deco Vase, Brown, Paper Mache

RRP 229,00

Janel Vase, Black, CeramicJanel Vase, Black, Ceramic


Janel Vase, Black, Ceramic

RRP 54,90

Janel Vase, Grey, CeramicJanel Vase, Grey, Ceramic


Janel Vase, Grey, Ceramic

RRP 67,90

Janel Vase, White, CeramicJanel Vase, White, Ceramic


Janel Vase, White, Ceramic

RRP 36,90

Janie Vase, Black, CeramicJanie Vase, Black, Ceramic


Janie Vase, Black, Ceramic

RRP 79,90

Vases that make your home bloom

At Bloomingville, we love vases that make our home bloom. All year round we fill the vases with flowers, which create extra life and add a splash of color. We also use a nice bouquet to surprise around the home: flowers in a nice vase on the stairs, in the entrance hall or in the bathroom bring a smile to most people's faces.

With our large collection of vases, you can always find one that suits your style and taste. You probably have no doubts when you see the right vase. Perhaps you need a tall glass vase that you can fill with ditch-edge flowers? Or a small ceramic vase, where a few single flowers picked by the children can decorate?

We have classic vases in glass, modern vases in ceramics, beautiful vases in stoneware and then there are those with several shapes and colors that add a little more flair to the interior.

Show your style with vases that decorate your home

At Bloomingville, a vase is much more than just a decorative object. The right vase does a lot for the whole expression. You can easily bring a new color or shape into your home, without it requiring a great deal of effort from you.

If you are completely in love with brown shades, you can start by buying a brown vase and use it as decoration in the living room. That way you don't have to paint all the walls brown before you go all in on the style or trend.

A ceramic or stoneware vase does not actually need flowers in it to decorate. Several of Bloomingville's vases are small sculptures in themselves. In this way, you can emphasize your style with the right vase - with or without flowers in it.

How to choose the right vase

In addition to style, color and shape, there are a few good tips when you need to find the right vase. A good rule of thumb is that the bouquet must be at least as high as the vase - rather a little higher than lower. In this way, the flowers come more into focus. If the flowers are also to stand close together, you need a vase that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.

Vases with straight sides are preferable when it comes to large flower bouquets. If you only have a few simple cut flowers, very narrow vases are the best.

When it comes to color selection, you can choose a vase in a color that either contrasts with the primary color of the flowers or supports the color. If you are in doubt, you can always go with design-safe choices such as glass vases and ceramic vases in muted shades.

At Bloomingville, we have vases in many different shapes, colors and expressions, so you can find just the vase that makes your home bloom - whether it's a ceramic vase, a glass vase or a stoneware vase.